Create Your Own Path

The Blizzard of 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice to be young again,
not a care in the world.
Snowball fights or castles in the sand,
just me and my girls.
I’m 26 with my first big girl job,
I truly am blessed.
Cause when it snows, we get a day off,
time off, not stressed.
One house, three sisters, one baby,
one dog,
And one mom in the kitchen, and one crazy,
snow blizzard fog.
Cabernet & Merlot on the table in a row.
walked in the snow,
To get these bottles from Trader Joe’s
along with hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Yet we still have cabin fever,
We already shoveled and everything.
And the snow stays covering our ruler,
At this point we’ll do anything!
We took our shovels and built a city made of snow,
in our back yard.
We built huts, city bars, and bungalows,
and trails that trekked far!
For Ava and Brady to run around
circles in.
And my sisters and I found
some quality time together in between.
While mama prepared us dinner
to end the day.
You can be as youthful as you want,
as long as you stay creative everyday!