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Oodaalolly x The MAP'D Project

Oodaalolly x The MAP'D Project

One of our goals here at The MAP'D Project is to branch our art out to other industries and cross-collaborate! Our first partnership was with Hernan Lauber and Jeremy Burnich at Oodaalolly Chocolate. Oodaalolly is based out in San Francisco where their mission is to make the best tasting Filipino chocolate then can. They focus on exclusively on using ingredients from the Philippines and source directly from small cacao cop-ups in the Southern Davao region. Using these hand-selected beans, Oodaalolly create a unique and delicious Philippines chocolate with Swiss technique smoothness that is both innovative and sustainable. 

In the summer of 2022, Oodaalolly and The MAP'D Project came together to create "Jeepney Sunsets" a chocolate bar as part of Oodalolly's ongoing initiative "Art Bar" were they invite an artist to exhibit their work on a special edition chocolate bar. Jeepney Sunsets consists of lightly sweetened milk chocolate with mouth-watering sun-ripened organic pineapple and passion fruit grown on small farms in Ghana and produced using solar panels by the African sun. 

We couldn't get enough of the jeepney designs that we decided to create a Christmas version called "Jeepney Holidays." This time, we added a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and decor to the illustration, this time with white chocolate. We are so in love that we decided to print them on frosted mason mugs! These are perfect for gifts that you people are actually going to use and consume! 

This collaboration was a lot of fun and a lot of creativity! With our brainstorming sessions, we were able to think of endless possibilities. We are so grateful for Jeremy and Hernan and the those Oodaalolly Brand for allowing us to hop on this partnership as a first of many cross-collaboration efforts!

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