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To make our process more streamlined, please mark-up edits using a PDF Editor. This is a great tool and exercise to ensure transparency in communication in hopes to avoid any unclear comments/direction and a lot back and forth! 

Important note:

Just like genie, we only accept up to 3 rounds of wishes... I mean edits on your Project Update Request. Please take a real close look at all of your edits before sending it over. Anything that exceeds this amount will require a New Project Submission and may cause delays with your project deadlines.

What does a Marked-up PDF look like?

Great question! Click this link & download an example of a marked-up PDF. The comments, text strike-through, text box, etc. can be done using a PDF editor, such as Acrobat DC or Google's Kami. 

Do you have Acrobat DC?

If you already have Acrobat DC, GREAT! Follow this link for an easy step by step instruction on how to mark-up your edits to send back to our design team!

But I don't have Acrobat DC

No worries! There are a lot of options roaming around the internet. If you have Google, Kami is a great FREE PDF editor option.

Link to Kami: 

I have comments that are best communicated over the phone/text.

Totally understandable! But please try as best as you can to describe your edits through your marked-up PDF. If our design team has any questions about your edits, we will reach out through email. A phone call can be scheduled if the direction is still unclear, but written communication is the best way to go as it will ensure transparency and serve as a digital "receipt" to hold both of our teams accountable.

Gotcha! I've marked-up my PDF, what do I do now?

Awesome! Once you've marked-up your edits, feel free to send it to us via email in the same ticket thread where we initiated the project. This will help our team keep track of our projects together, especially if we have multiple orders at once! Any other type of communication outside that email thread will be lost or assumed as a new project request and will require to go through the review/approval process which can cause delays with your deadline.

For any other questions/concerns, please reach us at