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Tita Connie's Day Care

Tita Connie's Day Care

Art Direction & Marketing Management

Tita Connie's Day Care sits at the heart of Tysons Corner/Falls Church, Virginia. Tita Connie offers care for children of all ages and has been in business for more than 15 years. Born in Bicol, a province in the Philippines, she had a very humble upbringing. At a very young age, Tita Connie inherited household skills from working on her family's farm, cooking, and caring for her siblings.

She then moved to the hustle and bustle city of Manila to go to school, start a family, and later to build a sari-sari store right in front of her home to provide for her family.

As her five children grew older she wanted to find better education opportunities for them. Tita Connie and her husband made the decision to move to America. She started off as a cashier at a nearby Boston Market, but as her networking grew, she eventually became a full-time babysitter for a handful of families in McLean, Virginia.

With enough experience, she eventually built yet another business from the ground up with just her own two hands; her home day care. She attended, and continues to attend, seminars and workshops to ensure that her day care is safe and resourceful for children to be surrounded by the fundamentals of a household.

Tita Connie built this day care for only 5 children enough for her to take on . But wouldn't building a facility with more children and staff members produce more money faster? That's not her mission. Her goal was to be able to provide proper and personalized care so that every child will be raised in an ideal environment.

She has helped many low-income families and single mothers/fathers in need of care inside and outside her hours of operation. She has created life-long friendships and now called family, even way after a child has grown up!

She turned to me, her youngest daughter, to spearhead the Brand Identity, Art Direction and Marketing elements of the business as another opportunity to jump start my own business. This is apparent in her day-to-day care in providing resources and potential opportunity for her children at a young age.

Tita Connie's Day Care Qualifications:

▨ Fairfax County Permit ▨ Licensed CPR ▨ First AID Certified
▨ Office for Children Training ▨ Food Program Offered ▨ 15+ Years in Business


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