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Cruz to the Top Fitness

Cruz to the Top Fitness


Branding & Art Direction

Cruz to the Top Fitness is a personal trainer in Ashburn, Virginia. I had the pleasure of working with Sean on his company's logo and brand identity. I took his initials "S & C" to create an arrow pointing up to give emphasize on "Cruz-ing to the Top"!

Sean gave me all of the creative freedom and most importantly, his trust, to design a branding style that resonates best with his company's vision. 

It was my first time developing a fitness logo, so it was definitely a challenge I wanted to take on. A big factor of my motivation to execute this project from start to finish was Sean's inspiring mission. He has amazing talent and a goal to help people and guide them through their journey of living a healthy lifestyle. When you combine both passion and the desire to help others, you are able to produce something that is untouchable.

Sean's drive and hard work shows as we continue to develop more projects together to further expand his brand.
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