Create Your Own Path

Our Design Team will work with you to ensure that you get a final product that you love! In order to do so, please comply with a few house rules indicated below to make our process more streamlined. Failure to comply with this process will result in Project Termination or Hold.

1. Client Portal 

After Project Request Submission, you will have access to your Client Portal (see example image below) where you'll be able to:
A. View all of your past and existing projects*
B: View Project Owners/Team Members**
C: Upload file references and View existing Files
D: Add a comment/Reply to an email
*To revisit a past project that have already been complete, simply add a comment in that specific Project Workspace. All members will be notified which will initiate the reopening of your project.
**To add Team Members to the workspace, add a comment with Team Member Names & Email Addresses. The MAP'D Project will then add that person(s) to the Project Workspace.

2. Providing Edits 

We allow up to 3 rounds of revisions to ensure that your project moves along. To avoid back and forth, please consolidate as much edits as you can to each mock-up that is provided. Any edits exceeding 3 rounds will require a New Project Request Submission and may cause delays with your deadlines.

    • For tracking purposes, please mark-up edits by using a PDF Editor. Please see this link for a sample of a marked up PDF, as well as Steps and Recommendations on acquiring free and easy PDF editors!
    • Hand-written/scanned copies of edits are acceptable, so long as they follow the same structure as the sample given.
    • If you only have a few edits and can easily be interpreted as bullet points in an email, we can bypass the PDF mark-up, but will still count as 1 round of edits. If the Assigned Designer requests a marked up PDF for readability, please proceed to do so.
    • Once you have your marked-up edits, send that PDF via the same email thread where we first initiated the project or your Client Portal (Project Workspace). This will help our team keep track of our projects together.

      3. Communication

      • Any type of communication should only be within Project Email Threads or your Client Portal/Project Work Space. This is to ensure proper tracking and transparency.
      • A meeting can be scheduled upon request.
      • Any other type of communication outside the email Thread/Client Portal will not be considered or will be labeled as a New Project Request which can cause delays with your deadline.

      4. Terms of Design Services